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It is unbelievable as to how time flies. We are rapidly approaching another Christmas season which means that it is time to purchase gifts for the little folks. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to consider a neat Christmas book that was written with 3rd to 6 graders in mind. This book makes a good stocking stuffer and is a meaningful gift for the kids and grown-ups alike.

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Childrens Christmas book….Titled “The Perfect Christmas”.

The perfect gift or stocking stuffer for your 3rd to 6th grader.

The three long-needled pine trees grew up together on a Christmas tree farm in North Carolina, nestled between the Elbow and Shoehorn mountains. All three dream of becoming beautiful Christmas trees.

Marshall is a perfect tree: tall, well-shaped, and with beautiful branches. Barney and Butch aren’t quite so lucky. Barney has a large bald spot in his branches. Butch is short and stocky. When Christmas comes, Butch and Barney are sure their friend will be sold first—and so is Marshall.

When an accident leaves Marshall as imperfect and different as Butch and Barney, the three friends are sure it will take a miracle for even one of them to become a decorated Christmas tree. Fortunately for these three very special trees, Christmas is a time for miracles.

A Childrens Christmas Book titled “The Perfect Christmas”

Written by Patricia L. Christian , The Perfect Christmas reminds children that, even when they feel different or less than perfect, others may see them as special and strong.

This book is beautifully illustrated by Joanna Pasek who is a renowned artist from Poland. She live in the small town of Ryczów, Katowice, Poland.

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You may purchase direct from Patricia L Christian.

Childrens Christmas Book.

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You may prefer to purchase from Amazon. The Kindle version is available from Amazon.

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Childrens Christmas Book.



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